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 Gerogelato a leader in the development of the Gelato Express Concept

Gerogelato, following his own history, look at the true natural italian ice cream, as the basic element to get a successful company; starting from October, we’ll use news vegetables ingredients in our courses, which will replace tout court, the currents additives, actually used in the ice cream world. Quality & Nature hand in hand always in Gerogelato

Gerogelto school of Italian ice cream making

Do you want to open an ice cream shop?
Step-by-step guide to learning
the craft of the good ice cream maker.
Keys to getting the best
marketing strategies

Courses – Valencia

Artisanal Ice cream Bars & Lollies
Professional Ice cream Maker (Basic Level)
Artisanal Ice Cream Bars and Lollies Course
Frost cakes & sweet iced delicatessen

Courses- Italy

Professional ice cream maker (Basic Level)
Frost cakes & sweet iced delicatessen
Full immersion artisan Gelato


With more than 25 years of experience, we at Georgelato are one of the most highly regarded consultancies for ice cream shops in the world. We have more than 33 sales points open around the world. And we are the only ice cream consultancy which offers support and assurance to any young entrepreneur who wishes to make their dream of opening an artisanal Italian ice cream business come true, explaining to them all the ins and outs of setting up an ice cream shop.

Step by step, we guide our clients in selecting their premises after carrying out a market study; we help them in choosing and buying the machinery; we train them and the rest of their staff and give them all the support and information they need from the beginning of developing their idea until their ice cream business is up and running.

Ice Cream-making Courses

Unlike other consultancies, at Gerogelato we have an excellent academy with a wide offering of artisanal ice cream courses in which our students can be initiated into the world of the ice cream business as true professionals, keeping abreast of the latest advances and opening new lines of business at their sites by making new ice cream products. Thanks to our course offering you can always be informed of the latest technology in ice cream making.

Our Gerogelato Italian Ice Cream School is the result of years of studies and experience acquired in the world of artisanal ice cream, teaching the most modern concepts in ice cream making, together with the pillars of the traditional ice cream shop.

Ice cream-making machines

In collaboration with important Italian companies in the sector and in order always to provide the highest quality to our clients so that they can implement their respective ice cream business plans, at Gerogelato we offer a wide selection of furnishings and ice cream-making equipment, maintenance, storage and display of artisanal ice creams at the best price and without taxes.

Our consultancy is, definitely, the only one that provides step-by-step assistance from the very beginning, an excellent training service before, during and after the opening of the business and, in sum, a great number of ways of helping our clients

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