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The foundations of the world of ice cream are immutable. The process of making artisanal ice cream is the same now as when it first began. However, technology advances with every day that passes and helps make this process easier while preserving the traditional taste of good ice cream, as well as its creamy texture and the wonderful sensation of that spoonful melting on the tongue. The objectives we pursue in this course of artisanal, or craft, ice cream are, first, showing what the traditional process is for producing traditional ice creams. In this sense, at Gerogelato we offer the basic keys for making exceptional ice cream that meets the most demanding standards of quality, taste and texture. And, in second place, we train our students in the best ways to open a business and promote the finished product.


Professional ice cream maker

All our ice cream-making classes are intended in particular for all those people who want to enter the world of ice cream as specialized professionals. Likewise, this course is also ideal for those professionals who wish to hone and update their understanding of artisanal ice cream.

Course intended for all those who want to enter the world of ice cream shops professionally or workers in the sector who want to update their knowledge of Artisanal ice cream making and become Ice Cream professionals.

1. Theory (30 hours):

A. Ice Cream-Making Techniques  – 22 Hours

  • Basic chemistry and physics of Ice Cream.
  • Study of the Kinds of Ice Cream and their composition.
  • Study of the Fundamental ingredients and their properties.
  • Flavourings: Natural and Artificial Products and Compounds
  • Air and ice cream: Overrun.
  • Water and ice cream: The solutions.
  • Fat: Ice Cream, Gelato and “frozen dairy desserts”.
  • Powdered non-fat milk and the functions of Proteins.
  • Basic work methods: Pasteurisation, Whipping and Pastofreezing.
  • The base mixes: White, fruit, egg and chocolate.
  • Carbohydrates: Main Characteristics and properties.
  • Basics of equilibria and formulations of the main types of Ice Creams.
  • Principles of hygiene in ice cream making (HACCP).


B. Management Principles – 3 Hours

  • Tangible and intangible fixed assets.
  • Depreciation.
  • Fixed and variables expenses.
  • BEP (Break even point).
  • Profitability and seasonality.
  • Sales strategies.
  • Human Resources.

C. Marketing Principles – 5 Hours

  • Study of the Commercial Mix.
  • Commercial space and Layout.
  • Business models applied to the sector: Artisanal Ice Cream Shop, Ice Cream Bars and Lolly Shop, Yoghurt Shop, Cold Stone and Roll Ice Shop, Ice Cream Express and UHT Ice Cream Shop, Ice Cream with Nitrogen Shop, Soft Ice Cream Shop.
  • Development of Franchises.

2. Ice Cream-Making Practice (20 Hours)

  • Production: Pasteurization, homogenisation, ageing, whipping, chilling, cold storage, transport and professional techniques for displaying in show cases.
  • Initial and special preparation: trituration, maceration and infusion.
  • Formulation and preparation of the main families of Ice Cream: White creams, Egg creams, Creams of spices and herbs, Chocolate creams, Fruit creams, Yoghurt creams, Nut creams, Fruit sorbets, Sorbets of herbs and spices.
  • Decoration Techniques, Level I

Course taught by Italian Maestro Andrea Stortini, who has more than 25 years of experience in the Italian artisanal ice cream sector, with an exemplary career, first as Manager of ice cream shops in Italy and Spain, and later as Director of the Gerogelato School which, aside from teaching courses, has advised and continues to advise many business in the sector in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States and Latin America.

Course Price in SPAIN:

  • Personalised course  (enquire about price).
  • The per-person cost of the group course is €825.00, not including VAT.

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