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Ice Cream Bars and Lollies

Sometimes the most simple products are the most successful. Artisanal ice cream bars and lollies are the ice creams that have sold the best since their invention. They are easy to make and liked by young and old alike. In Gerogelato we have developed an artisanal ice cream course designed specifically to reveal the best tricks of the trade in making these hand-crafted delights.

This is a course intended for both Professionals in the Ice Cream world who want to increase their business possibilities and entrepreneurs who want to start an easily implemented and marketed production dynamic, above all as part of a franchise.

Artisanal Ice Cream Bars and Lollies Course

Course intended for Ice Cream Professionals who want to expand their business possibilities, or entrepreneurs who want to develop a new easy-to-implement and market production dynamic within an existing business, above all as part of a Franchise.

Course syllabus: Artisanal Ice Cream Bars and Lollies


  • Raw Materials and Recipes
  • Artisanal Ice Cream Bars and Lollies (Ice-Michoacan-Gourmet-Ice Cream)
  • Natural and artificial flavourings
  • Artisanal fillings: raw materials and techniques
  • Decoration
  • Merchandising and Marketing

2. Practice

  • Artisanal Production Techniques
  • Decorating and Filling Techniques
  • Merchandising Techniques

The course is given over 3 days (8 hours a day) in small groups with a maximum of 8-10 people, and in our facilities equipped with all the best technology. The price includes the instructional material and the certificate of expert in artisanal ice cream making granted by the Gerogelato Academy of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

Price of the course in Europe:

  • The cost of a one-to-one Ice Cream Bar and Lolly Making course is (enquire about price)
  • The per-person cost of the group course in Europe (max 10 people): €650/person

*VAT is not included in the prices.

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