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Gerogelato is considered one of the best Italian ice cream schools in the world. Our success is not only the result of years of experience and research in the field of ice cream, both in Italy and Spain, but also our tremendous interest in meeting the expectations of each and every one of our students.

For more than 15 years, our artisanal ice cream school has been helping promising young people and small entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true, accompanying them step-by-step and advising them when they are deciding on all the variables key to the success of their businesses. The artisanal ice cream courses we teach are very specific and each one is designed to meet concrete objectives In general, they are all made up of two large blocks: one theoretical, where the composition of ice cream ingredients is studied; and the other practical, where making ice cream and taking care of its presentation with the help of a series of delicious, decorative ingredients are learned.

Artisanal ice cream

Specifically, in our artisanal ice cream school you will find these two blocks broken down in the following way:


  • Study of the basic ingredients, characteristics and properties
  • Study of the balance and formulas following to the most advanced criteria
  • Classification of the different types and families of ice cream
  • Analysis of the different phases of preparation, production, transformation and preservation of ice cream
  • Learning the principles of health and hygiene (HACCP)
  • Acquisition of the principles for managing an ice cream business (direct or indirect sales)


  • Selection and purchase of the best raw ingredients according to strict criteria and cost-benefit ratios
  • Storage and preservation of raw ingredients acquired in the market
  • Production techniques according to economic, ergonomic and hygienic criteria
  • Proper use of the equipment and facilities
  • Storage and preservation techniques for the final products
  • Sales techniques

Currently our course offering is as follows:

1. Professional ice cream maker (Basic- level):  A basic course which will deal with the main things to keep in mind for everyone who wants to enter the world of Ice Cream and that will update those professionals who need to learn the latest.

2. Artisanal Ice Cream Bars and Lollies: The classics are and always have been a guaranteed success. As a result, we will teach the secrets of making the best artisanal ice cream bars and lollies.

Benefit now from the experience and equipment of one of the best artisanal ice cream schools.

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