Craftsmanship and modernity

crafts and modernity gerogelato

On the market these days the concept of the artisanal ice cream shop is not perceived by consumers in the same way as some years ago; the traditional image of an artisanal ice cream shop as a place where a home-made product is produced (with recipes and specifications passed down from parents to children) is being replaced by that of an artisanal ice cream shop as a sort of restaurant business managed by a team of professionals.

These professional, through modern, efficient technology, make a product high in quality and nutritional value according to specific techno-scientific and health criteria, offering consumers an ice cream unique in flavour and texture and, above all, an alternative to ice cream made with industrial processes.

Far from being a nuclear laboratory, an artisanal ice cream shop becomes a fun, attractive place where the public can feel at home enjoying a healthy, balanced product served by professionals who understand the meaning and value of a good ice cream.

In order to achieve these objectives, an artisanal ice cream shop needs good dockyards were it can be raised to navigate the torturous waters of the food market; these dockyards in practice mean the provision of basic services such as:

  • Preliminary study of the target and relevant markets
  • Study of the concept and commercial mix
  • Professional training related to production, sale and management
  • Planning and construction of an ice cream shop according to the criteria of profitability
  • Start up designed to optimise the work rules
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