How to open an ice cream shop

Before proceeding to the opening of our first ice cream parlor, we often find ourselves facing a sea of ​​doubts that is apparently difficult to solve: have I chosen the location of the store? How do I organize the sale? How do I distribute my staff among the different tasks ?, How do I manage the store’s provisions ?, What is the best strategy to organize the opening of our ice cream business ?, etc.

Whether we are not experts or if it is the first time we are going to put an ice cream parlor on the street it is normal that these doubts – and many more – assault us and catch us off guard. As the opening day approaches, we will even raise issues that we had very clear at the beginning of the process. Aware of the nervousness and insecurity that this situation generates, in the company Gerogelato we have created this section in which we will offer all our experience and advice to explain how to open an ice cream shop with the maximum guarantees of success.

Ice cream business

As an advice company, we are concerned about the tranquility of those who decide to place their trust in us to start their projects and, of course, the success of their ice cream business. That is why we have developed this start-up service with the aim of offering a solution that responds to the specific situation of each of our customers. In this way, not only will we give the best advice on how to install an ice cream parlor, but we will also provide the services of an expert technician who is present during the days before and after the opening of the premises. Our professionals will be responsible for carrying out the relevant advisory tasks and check that everything is developed in the best way possible through the organization of the point of sale, the training of the staff and the training of the appropriate resources.

In order to offer our support and advice services as closely as possible to the needs of each client we have a form through which we will obtain the details we need to get to work.

It will be our clients who determine the budget they wish to invest in the ice cream shop. We will adjust to the amount established and, depending on it, we will work to ensure that the assembly of the premises, the subsequent opening of the business and its progress thereafter are a success.

We will take care of everything. From carrying out such fundamental aspects as the training of the staff that will later be responsible for carrying out the premises, to the choice of machinery depending on the type of services that each client wants to offer in their ice cream parlor. In the same way, we will offer all our experience to choose the premises well, carrying out the corresponding market studies in order to choose a good work area. Finally, of course, in Gerogelato we also offer a wide range of courses so that our customers can continue to train and stay up to date on the latest developments in the sector, introducing new products in their ice cream shops and continuously innovating in their businesses to not stop surprising to his clientele.


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