Equipment for the ice cream business

ice cream machines

At Gerogelato, one of the best Italian artisanal ice cream academies in the world, we know that not even the best ice cream-making techniques nor the use of the best raw ingredients for making ice cream are worth anything if they are not linked to artisanal ice cream-making machines up to the job.

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors when setting up an ice cream shop is making the right choice in ice cream-making machines. They will be the best aid that a ice cream professional can depend on. They will be the things charged with making the product and — at least to a certain point – assuring that the quality and time needed for the ice cream to be ready for sale are the best.

Thanks to a good artisanal ice cream-making machine, the ice cream maker will see their profession and capability raised, and will be able to offer for sale a product with the best characteristics as far as personality, that is, creaminess, spoonability and texture. The ice cream maker will only have to buy the best raw ingredients every morning on the local market to produce delicious artisanal ice cream.

In this sense, Gerogelato is committed to selling the highest quality ice cream-making machines, allying itself with the most prestigious companies in the production of equipment for the artisanal ice cream businesses. We see as especially important all the equipment that is involved in the making, preservation and final sale of ice cream, offering very competitive prices in this regard.

Artisanal ice cream-making equipment

Obviously, we take care to see that the final product that we offer for sale to our clients meets our quality standards. For this reason we have created an equipment sales section in which we can make available the best equipment.

We have available all types of equipment for making artisanal ice cream, display cases and storage equipment. At Gerogelato we know that the needs of everyone are different, and, as a result, they need to have a wide variety of equipment from which to choose when they are buying in order to meet their specific needs best.

In this regard, and according to each client’s budget, we at Gerogelato can offer artisanal ice cream-making machines with basic capacities or for high production, which have different time margins but always – absolutely always — with optimum quality. And the same happens with the display cases. We have a wide range of display cases with different capacities and power to provide a tailor-made solution to each client with all the extras they might want: wheels, automatic defrosting, drop down doors to make cleaning easier, decoration and LED lights to make the wares even more appealing, storage and refrigeration capacity for ice cream buckets inside, etc., not to mention the wide selection of designs we have so that every site can be customized to suit its owner.

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