Making artisanal ice cream

making artisanal ice creamIn order to produce a line of artisanal ice cream of high quality it is fundamental to choose well both the raw ingredients that will later be used in making the ice cream and the different production phases.


The first step in achieving well-made artisanal ice cream is to choose the raw ingredients wisely. Toward that end, we at Gerogelato have created a series of set standards that become the key to making quality artisanal ice cream with a fresh flavour and creamy texture and that incomparable sensation of pleasure when the ice cream begins to melt on the tongue.


Those standards are as follows:

  • Genuineness, freshness and quality.
  • Suitable product characteristics.
  • Robust organoleptic properties.
  • Good quality-price ratio.

For any food to be appreciated and perceived to be “Good” by the consumer, it has to be made with quality raw ingredients that have been acquired at their physical and chemical peaks. This means acquiring raw ingredients that are fresh as they will be reflected directly in the final product, above all in terms of flavour, texture, etc.

In the end, the quality of the raw ingredients is intimately bound to the final flavour of the ice cream.


Making ice cream

Well-chosen raw ingredients should be followed up with the proper process for making ice cream. Once again, factors such as texture, creaminess, and the spoonability of artisanal ice cream and the acquisition of quality ice cream-making equipment become especially important. The result must be a creamy ice cream that melts only on the tongue, without any grittiness or chewiness. To make artisanal ice cream with these characteristics, the following factors must be taken into account at the time of production:

  • Acquisition of a valid theoretical basis to compare and study the raw ingredients.
  • Following the recipes scrupulously.
  • Advance preparation of the ingredients.
  • Knowledge of the different phases of production.

We have to highlight briefly the different phases for making artisanal ice cream that listed below:

  • 1. Pasteurisation, Ageing and Homogenisation
  • 2. Whipping
  • 3. Hardening and Cold Storage
  • 4. Sales
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